Selected Publications

The Intersection of Immigrant and Environmental Health: A Scoping Review of Observational Population Exposure and Epidemiologic Studies

We reviewed the role of environmental exposures in immigrant health disparities.

Fong KC, Heo S, Lim CC, Kim H, Chan AY, Lee W, Stewart R, Choi HM, Son JY, Bell ML

Environmental Health Perspectives 2022, 130(9), 096001

Do Fine Particulate Air Pollution (PM2.5) Exposure and its Attributable Premature Mortality Differ for Immigrants Compared to those Born in the United States?

We quantified PM2.5 exposure disparities among immigrants and between immigrants and non-immigrants.

Fong KC, Bell ML

Environmental Research 2021, 196, 110387

Disparities in exposure to surrounding greenness related to proportion of the population that were immigrants to the United States

Do areas with more immigrants in the United States have lower or higher greenness?

Fong KC, Mehta NK, Bell ML

International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health 2020, 224, 113434

Fine Particulate Air Pollution and Birthweight: Differences in Associations along the Birthweight Distribution

Does PM2.5 affect fetal growth some more than others?

Fong KC, Kosheleva A, Kloog I, Coull BA, Koutrakis P, Laden F, Schwartz JD

Epidemiology 2019, 30(5), 617-623

Relative Toxicities of Major Particulate Matter Constituents on Birthweight in Massachusetts

Do some PM2.5 components affect fetal growth more than others?

Fong KC, Di Q, Kosheleva A, Coull BA, Koutrakis P, Laden F, Schwartz JD

Environmental Epidemiology 2019, 3(3), e047

Residential Greenness and Birthweight in the State of Massachusetts, USA

Does maternal residential greenness affect fetal growth?

Fong KC, Kloog I, Coull BA, Koutrakis P, Laden F, Schwartz JD, James P

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 2018, 15(6), 1248

A Review of Epidemiologic Studies on Greenness and Health: Updated Literature Through 2017

How does greenness affect population health?

Fong KC, Hart JE, James P

Curr Environ Health Rep, 2018, 5(1), 77-87