Group Members

Kelvin Fong

Assistant Professor

Alex Del Favero-Campbell

PhD Student

Tsz Kin Siu

MSc Student

  • Focusing on satellite remote sensing of air pollution
  • MDaSc, BSc, The University of Hong Kong

Jessie Cullum

Research Assistant

  • Researching the climate change related health impacts of migrants in coastal communities
  • MSc Student, Dalhousie University
  • BSc, Dalhousie University

Niyati Shah

Research Associate

  • Focusing on the health experiences of climate-induced migration among women in informal settlements
  • BSc, George Washington University

Corey Bassett

Postdoctoral Associate


Aline Maybank

Honours BSc Student 2022 - 2023
Role: MPH student at Yale University

Ty Martin

DISP Student Spring 2023
Role: BSc Student at Dalhousie University

Lindsay Redding

Experiential Learning Student Fall 2023
Role: BSc Student at Dalhousie University